Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BsAs 2009 - The End (part 4)

It's been over a week since I got back to Boston. It feels like a month. I can't believe it was only 2 weeks ago I was DJing at El Beso. Someone told me after I got back that they hate dancing with people who just came back from BsAs. She was sort of joking, but I know what she meant. It's like dancing with someone who just had an amazing dance with someone else. Because it's very likely they are not "there" with you one 100%.

There are people I really enjoy dancing with in Boston. They should know who they are. I just wish they would actually come out more often. So when I walk in a milonga here, I won't immediately wish I was south of the ecuator.


Anonymous said...

No offense but, your post is a little offensive to Boston tangueras.

I understand that you've been dancing with some great dancers in Buenos Aires, but if they had adopted the same views you have, they might never have danced with you.

In any case, welcome back to Boston! You're dancing so well! We're lucky to have you back! Keep coming out - please don't be discouraged. We need great leaders like you to help support the community.

Sorin said...

I can understand how it can be offensive even though it was not meant to be.

The amazing dances I had in BsAs had more to do with finding people who's dance is compatible with mine then with their skill level. Some of the best dances I had were with people who not doubt were very good, but I've danced (both in US and BsAs) with people more skilled and yet it fell flat.

Maybe I'll write a post about amazing dances. It has less to do with how good the dancers are and more with with how "compatible" their dancing is with mine.

Some of the great BsAs dancers I asked did not dance with me. Some did and it fell flat. Some did and was good. And then some did and it was amazing.

Debbi said...

hum.... I think you should take a peek at your shared items and re-read the Three Stages of Tango.... might sound familiar.... ;-)
And I say all this with love. :-*