Monday, March 30, 2009


The last few months MIT brought Robin & Kyla and Adam & Ciko to teach in Boston. MIT also subsidized the workshops making them much cheaper then what it would have cost someplace else. Both sets of teachers are highly respected, they regularly teach at high profile festivals, they are interesting and fun.

Yet none of that seems able to wake up Boston from it's tango apathy. The attendance to the workshops was truly embarrassing in the last couple of months, making anyone think twice about bringing anyone else to teach in Boston. Providence had a significantly better attendance and the town and it's community is much smaller.

The same goes for practicas. Aside from the Sunday practica which still brings in a decent amount of people, the FREE Monday and Thursday MIT practicas are sparsely attended, to an extent that I'm starting to think about throwing in the towel on the Monday practica (which I co-host with Deb and Harish).

So, anyone who has ideas on how to wake up the Boston tango community, feel free to speak up. I'm running out of ideas...