Friday, July 31, 2009

BsAs 2009 - The end (part 1)

I have very little time, but I wanted to write something while I'm still in BsAs. I will write a much longer follow up in the plane.

I had some amazing dances/experiences during this trip. I am sad to leave it all and happy I could experience it. Thank you all for EVERYTHING and I hope to see you all soon. You know who you are.... ;)

Hasta la próxima

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

BsAs 2009 - Swine flu

So far, a few venues closed, some are taking it week by week, Practica X closed for the entire month of July. As long as not ALL of them are shutting down, this might not be as bad, as now with less options, there is less dispersion. Last night at Canning there were quite a few good dancers, which I never saw there last time I passed by on a Monday night. Will see how this goes...

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Monday, July 06, 2009

BsAs 2009 - Tango 24/7?

There is this idea I used to have that tango in BsAs is 24/7. Well, I wish it was, but at least right now, it's not even close. Most people don't even arrive at milongas before midnight, and dancing goes till about 2 during the week or 4 during the weekends. Some milongas, like La Viruta might go longer, but most people dance between midnight and 3. While there are milongas in the evenings and afternoons, I was unable to find many where I would like to dance at. The ones I found are Glorieta on Sat & Sun (mostly on Sundays) from 8pm to 10pm (ish), and Villa Malcom on Mondays (9pm to midnight). Neither are particularly busy at this time of the year, but there are some good dancers attending them.

So, if you're coming here during the same period, you better have something to do during the morning, day and evening.


Friday, July 03, 2009

Close Embrace + Push Up Bras = Awkward Open Embrace

I debated if I should write about this, as it seems to be one of the more taboo subjects. But hell, I'm not exactly known for being politically correct so there you go.

More often then one would think, I dance with women wearing bras designed to make their breasts look larger. Generally, by pushing them up. I am not debating here the aesthetics of this choice. I am debating the wisdom of wearing something that makes close embrace awkward or impossible, depending on the specific choice and circumstance. I recently danced with a woman who is undoubtedly a good dancer, and she appeared to have a very nice close embrace (which is rather rare in the younger crowd in BsAs, but this is the subject of another post), but due to her choice of a bra, it was practically impossible to have a nice (close embrace) dance as the breasts, lifted by the bra, acted as bumpers.

So, could you please save those bras for going on dates, job interviews or anywhere else where you think larger breasts will give you an edge, but leave them home when going to a milonga?