Monday, August 03, 2009

BsAs 2009 - The End (part 2)

After 58 consecutive nights of dancing with some of the best dancers from across the planet, going back to every day life will be hard. Avoiding getting depressed will be a challenge. One Monday I'm dancing in Salon Canning until 4AM, next Monday I'm in Boston where the only event is a tiny practica that goes from 9pm to 11pm.

One cannot not question the sanity of what I've been doing for over three years now, putting so much of myself, not too mention money and resources into an activity that resembles in effect doing drugs. Every time you get a "high", the dose required for the next one is higher. There comes a point where there is simply not enough "dose" available to get the high, then what?

In the last few weeks in BsAs I had some dances that were so intense, so amazing, that I can't imagine what will I be doing now, away from it all. I guess that is something I need to figure out.

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Caroline said...

Now you know why I get depressed every time I return from Buenos Aires.