Tuesday, August 04, 2009

BsAs 2009 - The End (part 3)

It Tuesday and I just arrived at the office. It's been only 4 days since Friday, yet it seems so much longer. Normalcy surrounds me and I have no taste for it. I'm clinging to memories, but are they real? Do I remember things the way they were, or the way I would've wanted them to be? Does it matter?

My motorcycles were waiting for me in the garage. I rode the Blackbird to work today. It was nice. It used to be exhilarating. My vegetable garden is overrun by weeds. I can't get myself to care too much. A new camera I purchased while I was away was waiting for me at home. I was hoping it would re-ignite my interest in photography. Maybe it will. My camera project (a DIY camera kit I've been designing for months now) is waiting for me to continue it. I'll get to it at some point.

Now I'm heading to a meeting. How exciting...

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Aileen Crossley said...

Take heart Sorin, it could be worse. You could be living in Glasgow!

Not that Glasgow isn't a great city, which it is, but the tango is not as good here as in Boston.

Now, to me Boston has become what BA is to you and I'm dreaming of it!

Enjoy all the great folk around you. You're in a great place.