Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Did you know we haven't danced in a while?

I hear this comment once in a while. What I rarely hear is "We haven't danced in a while, is there any particular reason?" Because there is generally a reason and if you knew the reason you can make an informed decision on doing or not doing something about it.

Generally speaking, (to the extent that is possible), I stop dancing with people when there is something in their dancing that bothers me to the point where i can't stand it anymore. In most cases it has to do with the embrace. Some clamp my arm to the point it stops the blood flow to it, some are leaning on me, some are leaning back pulling me off my axis, etc.

If you go to a practica, it's presumably to get better. Ask the people who you like to dance with what they would change in your dancing. You don't have to change, but you should know what people thing you need to change.


Zoya said...

Sorin, this is a great post! i've never known you had a blog, just ran into it accidentally searching for something else.

Damian said...

Bravo! I agree.