Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Skipped a tango practica to work on a non-tango project

So it finally happened. Last night, instead of going to the Monday MIT practica like I've been going every monday I've been physically able to (as in, in town and not sick), I stayed home to work on my camera project.

Surprisingly, the sun still rose in the morning, the sky didn't fall and some progress was made on the camera project. Amazing.

My other project, tango this time, is that we'll be starting teaching group classes in Central Sq (Cambridge) in October. So now I'm working on flyers, online ad campaigns and all sorts of other marketing schemes to get people in the class.

We will be starting with a 3 hour "Introductory" Argentine Tango class for "civilians". If you have any friends who you want to introduce to this addictive obsessio... err... hobby, send them to us.

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